OLYMPIA Lifestyle Formula

A Total Body, Mind & Health Transformation

For a Healthier, Lighter, Fitter, More Functional & Happier Version of Yourself

by Dr Francisco Salcido-Ochoa

1st International Edition (2021)

Olympia Lifestyle Formula ebook by Dr Francisco Salcido-Ochoa

For a Healthier, Lighter, Fitter, More Functional & Happier Version of Yourself

If you know there might be some issues with your diet, lifestyle & habits already impinging on your health or risking it for the future; or if you are or feel held back in your health, weight, physique, fitness, performance or overall life goals… then this is the right ebook for you! It is written by a practising medical specialist doctor with experience in treating chronic illness and practical psychology!

NOW is the right time for you to do something about it. The author himself, me, Dr Francisco, underwent my own ‘OLYMPIA Lifestyle Transformation’; which is what prompted me to use my own personal experience, medical expertise, and scientific research to create the ‘OLYMPIA Lifestyle Formula’ for you!

Chronic illness is common, not benign and very much linked to modern life stresses and habits, with potential dire medical, emotional and socioeconomic consequences. As a doctor, I know that very well and I want you to avoid that path or minimise your risks. So, start your journey to become a healthier version of yourself today and immerse yourself in this comprehensive, unorthodox step-by-step guide!

Being preemptive, preventive, proactive, and visionary pays well and is greater than being just reactive, waiting to act until something is broken. True, it is never too late, but I wished I could have started my OLYMPIA Lifestyle journey much, much earlier as my life would have been simpler, less stressful, healthier, with more vitality and higher potential and satisfaction. So, do not wait any longer and be sure to seize this opportunity now.

I have decided to help as many people as possible, so I am giving you the ‘OLYMPIA Lifestyle Formula’ to unleash and align your own big purpose and efforts to your goals and priorities in life, plus multiple practical and doable diet and lifestyle tips and strategies both as a science-based and street-smart solution.

If you open your mind to it and start implementing improvements in your diet and lifestyle, being committed to your health and consistent in your efforts, then you can have faith that things will get better and you will achieve more than you expect.

I already walked the rough path myself and became triumphant, feeling like an Olympian warrior against all odds and adversities. So, I was the ‘First Olympian Warrior’, and now I am guiding and empowering others through my programmes, services, and books to forge their own Olympian story.

This ebook is not the story of an Olympic medal champion and his journey, which certainly would be inspirational. It is the story of a person like you and me who has totally transformed his health and lifestyle by applying his research training, medical expertise and personal experience; and who, besides being a medical doctor, is also a holistic health coach helping many people around the world to obtain similar or greater results.

If I could do it, you could, too; and if I did it, I can guide you too. So, beyond being inspirational, it is a transformational and ‘infective’ story!

We are OLYMPIA Lifestyle by Dr Francisco, we are here to help, and we wish you the best possible health!

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