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What is functional Fitness?



Dr Francisco


Training With Certified Exercise Physiologist & Medical Specialist Doctor

Exercising or practising sports is great to enhance your fitness, improve your body shape; and it will help you in your efforts of losing weight. Most importantly, it will be an important channel for you to sustain or regain your health; especially if practised together with a healthier diet and better lifestyle habits.

However, in OLYMPIA Lifestyle by Dr Francisco and Integrative Health Partner, we want you to reach greater levels and more than you can imagine. So, we are introducing the concept and programme of ‘OLYMPIA Lifestyle Functional Fitness’ to do exercise with a purpose beyond just health, body shape or muscle growth.

We have a team of an exercise physiologist, medical specialist doctor, and a physiotherapist whose focus is to guide you and help you to introduce exercise in a safer way (if you are new to it or a beginner) or to keep practising in a safer way for longer time and to improve your performance (if you are more advanced).

Our Functional Fitness team will tailor a ‘kickstart plan’ or a ‘higher performance plan’ (depending on how seasoned you are), based on your body needs and requirements, but importantly, your preferences and goals; including what type of exercise you want to perform eg calisthenics, yoga, football, Zumba, strong, running, swimming, etc.

They will advise a series of custom-tailored personalised exercises to strengthen your body, make it more resilient to injuries and to practice that exercise or sports safer and better (with higher performance) for longer.

Our team practising & training the Olympia lifestyle way to achieve their own personal goals


Dr Francisco

Certified Trainers

OLYMPIA Lifestyle Functional Fitness team is made up of an exercise physiologist (a physiotherapist when needed) and a specialist medical doctor to ensure you receive all-around guidance and training tailored to your needs, requirements, preferences, priorities, goals, possibilities and capabilities.

Sports & Nutrition

With OLYMPIA Lifestyle Functional Fitness, we’ll help you discover the perfect sports and formulate the perfect nutrition plan uniquely for you to accelerate your transformation.

Physical Therapy

With OLYMPIA Lifestyle Functional Fitness, you’ll receive personalized physical therapy by our experienced and caring exercise physiologist to enhance your performance, whether you’re new to exercise, or you’re a seasoned athlete.

Who is this for

Olympia Lifestyle Functional Fitness is for you if…

If you are de-conditioned, if you are new to exercise, if you have a medical condition, an injury, any physical limitation or simply having pains while doing exercise…

If you want to add exercise in a safer and fun way to your weight loss efforts…


If you are already a seasoned sportsman or sportswoman and you are/feel ok and you wish to continue doing exercise in a safe way for longer periods and enhance your performance through the right training for your specific type of exercise or sport…

Personalized Training

Functional Fitness Modules

‘Functional Fitness’ by OLYMPIA Lifestyle by Dr Francisco and Integrative Health Partner will help you exercise with a purpose, a purpose beyond just going to the gym and going through motions or blindly following what others are doing… but instead, you’ll exercise according to what your unique body needs, totally aligned with your goals!

Getting FITT

Get simple step by step blueprint on how to plan your own exercise program tailor-made for your unique body needs, health conditions, and fitness level.

Resistance Exercise

Learn how to prep and perform your resistance exercises correctly to strengthen your lower body, upper body, and full body. The OLYMPIA Lifestyle Functional Fitness will systematically help you unleash the strength, power and resilience you never thought existed in you!

Cardiorespiratory Exercise

Learn and practise the suitable cardiorespiratory exercises to improve your cardiorespiratory endurance and stamina so you can function at your peak form always.

Injury Prevention

Learn how to take the right measures in your warm-up, cool down, stretching, cross training, etc. to prevent unnecessary injury from exercising, no matter how intense your workouts are.

Start Your Transformation Today

It is time to exercise for a greater purpose (your own purpose), leading to greater results and greater satisfaction.

Besides exercise and fitness, the Olympia Lifestyle by Dr Francisco’s team members are also experts in medicine, health, diet, holistic eating, and lifestyle coaching who will help you achieve new health and fitness breakthroughs! 

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