The Truths & Myths of Weight Loss Methods by Dr Francisco

Explained & Demystified by A Medical Specialist Doctor


an eye opener

Discover the 12 Destructive Myths That Are Holding Most People Back from Achieving Their Desired Weight & Health…

And What You Can Do to Finally Achieve Your Desired Weight Loss & Optimal Health Sustainably & Enjoyably…

The Truths & Myths of Weight Loss Methods by Dr Francisco - An Eye Opener (free access)
5-star review for the Truths & Myths of Weight Loss Method by Dr Francisco

Truths rather than lies from a Medical Specialist Doctor

In the weight loss industry, there are far too many self-proclaimed experts who try to manipulate consumers’ psyche by using gimmicks, quick-fix but unsustainable (or even harmful) tactics, or approaches that are not based on sound scientific or medical facts. I have seen so many irresponsible people, including certified nutritionists and so-called fitness experts peddling misleading ideas or misrepresented facts about weight loss, distorting the facts about the effects of exercise, hormones, and sugar metabolism have in our bodies, etc… all in the name of preying on people’s weaknesses, insecurities and lack of well-contextualized knowledge, and to profit in this industry. In this book, other than debunking the misappropriated ideas and hyped-up claims on weight loss in the mainstream media, Dr. Francisco reilluminates simple lifestyle strategies that actually work. Rather than getting overwhelmed by the hot mess of information online, this simple book provides trustworthy and easy-to-read facts that come from a qualified medical specialist doctor who wishes to empower people to take charge of their health in the right way. Ultimately, the first step to live a truly self-empowered life is to open our eyes to the truth, isn’t it?

~ Susan Hue

5-star review for the Truths & Myths of Weight Loss Method by Dr Francisco

At last, a truthful book on the hyped-up weight loss methods!

I thought I knew everything about weight loss… what’s so difficult, just Google it, right? But I was wrong. After reading Dr Francisco’s book, I realized that I’ve wasted so much time and money on hard-to-sustain weight loss solutions. The good news is, now I know exactly what I did (and thought) wrong previously, and what to do to finally achieve my ideal weight. Still working on it, but this time I’m confident that I’m on the right track for sure!

~ Sam Kee

What Dr Francisco’s Clients Say…

About the Author: Dr. Francisco Salcido-Ochoa is a nephrologist (renal specialist) in Singapore, a transplant immunologist, an international health coach, and medical director of OLYMPIA Lifestyle. In his 23 years of medical practice, he has helped thousands of people to live their best health and achieve their peak form with his medical expertise, scientist background, and holistic deep health coaching approach.

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